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Photo: Kevin Nguyen

Photo: Kevin Nguyen


Evan McGarvey is a writer and the co-author of 2pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle(Voyageur). His essays, journalism and poetry have appeared in outlets from The New Republic to VICE Sports. He’s written about Japanese wrestling, teaching Division I athletes, forgotten places in Florida, parenting and television. Outside of writing, he has worked as a high-school teacher, a public health field worker, and as a tabloid fact checker. He lives in Texas with his family and is at work on a novel.

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 An illustrated history of rap's greatest battle

“When Weiss and McGarvey dissect the lyrics, you get a fresh approach to previously aired perceptions… like two rappers collaborating on a track, Weiss and McGarvey trade licks and details about the rappers’ styles, words, messages, lives and afterlives like pros. Their level of research comes across on nearly every page and the fact that they’re unearthing new details and painting new pictures of a story that everyone thought had already run its course is commendable.”

— The Irish Times



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